This is the complete API for qtMUD

qtmud module

qtmud.cmds module

qtmud.services module

qtmud.subscriptions module

qtmud.txt module


Multi-User Dimension. A more historic term for MMORPG, MUDs were some of the earliest multiplayer games. Wikipedia has a pretty comprehensive article on them.
MUD client
A specialized client for playing MUDs. (duh)
MUD engine
Also known as drivers, MUD engines are game engines meant for presenting MUDs. There have traditionally been two main classes of MUD engine: DIKU and LPC. DIKU MUDs came first, and used database-driven logic to present a simplistic hack-and-slash environment to the player. LPC MUDs used object-oriented programming techniques to render more detailed game worlds to the player. qtmud follows in the tradition of the latter.
short for Multi-User Dimension Library, a mudlib is a game written for a MUD engine to run. From qtmud’s perspective, a mudlib is a Python package which is heavily reliant on the qtmud module.