qtMUD is a Python 3 package for developing and managing a multi-user dimension, or MUD, written by emsenn and released under the Unlicense. It is currently in early alpha.

This documentation is intended to serve as documentation for those administrating or using a qtMUD server. The official version of this documentation is hosted at https://qtmud.readthedocs.io/en/latest/.

MUDs are a form of multi-player game where players receive verbose text descriptions of their environments and the activity around them, and interact by typing out commands for what they wish to do, such as survey planet or fight dragon.

By providing a limited set of features and focusing on documentation, qtMUD aims to be the non-programmer’s way to create and run a MUD.


qtMUD is just the core server for running a MUD, and is meant to be used with a MUD library, like Fyreside.